Monday, May 19, 2008

It's a Blankie!

Blankie mania has hit me and I've been casting on little 4" diagonal squares all week!!! Alas, I'm running out of DK wool scraps and will be putting it down today while waiting for 2 mixed bags of Mission Falls 1828 mill ends I won at eBay to arrive. There's at least 800 gms of DK superwash there, enough to feed this blankie obsession. I plan to finish it by September, in time for the English winter.

The pattern is an adaptation of Sellykang's sock yarn blankie

The reverse side is surprising neat too, but just look at..the ends.... the ends......

I'm using short 4mm needles instead of DPNs or Circulars. They're probably stretching the stitches a little but these 'plastic learner' straights seems just perfect for the 31 sts. Thanks Annie!
Meantime, here's what's getting cast on today...

Veronik Avery's Notre Dame De Grace from IK Summer 2007

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Blanket Squares

Mona suggested we do our bit for charity by knitting up 12 inch blanket squares in non-woollie yarns as the blankets will be going to refugee babies in our warmer climes.
I reckon there's enough in my stash for 8 and here's 5 of them.

Finally, and for a good cause too, I'm getting to use up the mostly acrylic wool yarn, learn how to 'log cabin' and knit diagonal squares with some (dish cloth style) I'm too lazy to find gauge for.

Hmm.....Do we have a volunteer in KL to do the seaming up end of May? :)