Monday, June 30, 2008

While waiting...

It's been a great disappointment, having to wait for the Mission Falls mill ends I bought over eBay sometime mid May. It only dawned on me 'internaitonal flat rate' might be surface mail from Canada and would take 8-10 weeks or even longer. So Blankie has gone into 'Pause mode' and knitting life goes on with;

this FO which was meant for myself but now belongs to daughter YL. There's more sock yarn in the Stash...and so another is in progress with merino cashmere sock yarn from Knittery

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill, Spring Frost colorway, 100% superwash merino, Fingering wt, needles: 2 mm

To soften my Blankie upset, this was cast on with Knitpicks Palette. The pattern is the seamless afghan which is much easier for a severely 'yarn matching' challenged knitter like me! Decide on the colours, number of diagonal squares and off you go with the repeats.
I have made some slight modifications when knitting up the squares. In the pattern, the 'SSK' seams are left on the 'right side' while fussy me wants a flatter surface. But then, the 'wrong side' does look equally nice and so now I have a reversible blankie!!!
Those of you who are aware of my obsession with reversible scarves - imagine the smug look on my face...

As I progressed from the browns to green / beige, note that there are no tails in between except for the first and last square of the same colour. I'm not sure if the earlier tails were due to my trying to eliminate the SSK joins on the top-side or I wasn't following the pattern correctly. I'll figure that out later!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Quickie update

Scarves for YL and her friends - third one in progress

Blankie is taking a rest - awaiting the arrival of Mission Falls mill ends I won on eBay.

Notre Dame De Grace - the body in Double Moss stitch gets a little boring, I then move on to a scarf for some instant gratification and its fast knitting with 6mm needles.