Monday, April 24, 2006

So light...for today...

I was happily side-tracked onto the Trinity KAL but have since gone back to my other WIPs. It's so tempting to cast on for other projects when several orders arrived, all that yummy yarn, beckoning and waiting to be WIPs.

Edward's scarf was washed and blocked in time for his departure to Canada this week. He's learnt the basics of knitting, perhaps the yarn shops over there will tempt him to embark on a project. Sigh..why is it so difficult to part with an FO? There I was, finished with my laundering instructions when I overheard hubby, "better tell him to remember how to wash that scarf, she may want to see it next year"!! to daughter.

Scarf: K1P1 Rib

Finished size: 7" x 60" - width

Yarn: Japanese 100% wool
6 x 50 gm x 32 metres
Needles: 10 mm

Lion Brand Wool-Ease worsted is really not working out for me at all. After 2 scarfs, a hat and 2 jumpers, I've had enough and can't imagine knitting with the yarn again. The 20% wool mix pills as soon as its knitted and strangely, different coloured yarns seem to have differing quality and the worst so far is Camel used for JS' jumper below. I'm not going to bother so much with machine dryability anymore and will settle for superwash wool. It's just not worth the cost and hours when an FO feels like cheap acrylic. I'm such a yarn snob aren't I?

Jumper: broken garter stitch

Finished size: 42" chest

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease worsted weight
20% wool 80% acrylic

6.25 x 85 gm x 197 yds
Needles: 5 mm


There's just the baby blanket left to finish, but then, no hurry, baby is not due till August. In the meantime I can cast on for : bicycle helmet ear warmers, fingerless mittens, cabled vest, another jumper, a cotton shrug for YL, shawls I'll be back for the blanket in late July.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

KAL...finished object

The tails are weaved in and underarm kitchener stitched; here's my Sierra, still unblocked though. It's really lightweight and fits well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed there won't be too much give after washing as it's just the right length below the waist and sleeves.

The double moss stitch round the collar and edges makes an interesting relief and the lacy raglan sleeves breaks the stockinette monotony for the tunic .

It only needs 4 and a few yards from the 5th ball of Trinity yarn. What can I use the 200 yards of remnant for?

Yarn: Jaeger Trinity Hibiscus

4 x 50 gms x 216 yards (plus 10 yards)

Needles: 4 mm

Finished size: 38" by 22" length

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Palm Sunday

Sing Hosanna! Hosanna! to the Lord.

Palm Sunday commemorates the journey of Jesus into Jerusalem before the Crucifixion.

Parishioners were given crosses fashioned from palm leaves as we entered the Sanctuary decorated with pots of palm trees. I wish my cross wouldn't get all dried up and brittle as it would make such a meaningful bookmark.

Good Friday services will be held from 12.30 to 3pm and when we're coming out of church I'll be anticipating rainstorms. I don't remember a year when it hasn't poured with 'tears from heaven' at the crucifixion hour. I wonder if this happens all over the world?

Easter morning sunrise service at 6.30 am is usually held at the football field as we worship with parishioners from sister churches. There is translation of Bible readings and sermons from English into Mandarin and Tamil. Last year we had Korean as well.

A Very Blessed Easter!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

KAL meet-up and my lonely cast-on

My first meet-up with knitters from the forum and it was fun! Pattern books came out of bulging bags packed with yarn, WIPs, and Trinity yarn for our KAL . I'm not sure what the cafe management thought of us, we occupied 3 tables and sat from 12.30 to 4 pm, oblivious to everything else except our knitting chat.

Here's the bunch of us, Lyn took the group photo so here she is wearing one of her colourful creations.

It didn't matter that most were not KALing, we all brought something to knit and Doreen wore her Trinity Flamenco corset. Mona and Lyn casted on officially but I had to postpone. What a disappointment, but I did do something with the yarn! I helped frog Mona's lilac piece (on the coffee table) while she casted-on. The general opinion is that Cozy would be too lightweight if knitted with Trinity and after Jackie showed her cotton DK Cozy, I decided to look for another pattern.

So here it is, my pattern and WIP. I'm not sure if there's enough yarn for the long sleeves, anyway, will worry about that later.

Sierra :
Knit 'n Style
Issue 139
Oct 2005

My version of the Sierra (without the Diamonds) is adapted for working in the round and I'm happy with how the double moss stitch band turned out.