Saturday, March 29, 2008

Travel project

I've found the perfect project to take with me on my business trips for the next 2 weeks. It's the Woodlands shawl worked on only a skein of sock yarn! The pattern is simple but the 'shawlette' promises to be stunning judging by the projects at Ravelry .

Yarn: The Knittery , Colourway: Earth, Merino Cashmere Sock (60% merino 20% cashmere 20% nylon)

Here's a sneek peek at my Norwegian woods by SiviaHarding which is 1 repeat and Edging short of the finishing line. It's knitted with Dream in Color Baby in the Flamingo Pie colourway. I don't think this is the right colour to show off the design but I am looking forward to wear it with my usual dark office attire.

I'm not sure if there's much chance of knitting relating shopping in Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh but any shortfall this end will be compensated with my booking into a hotel right smack in Hong Kong's yarn district of Causeway bay the following week!!! (I've got all the addresses, thanks to Ravelry)
It'll mean a daily two way 45 mins MRT commute to the office but what won't we do for yarn??? I'll have to come up with a sane reason why I HAVE to stay that far away though...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Last minute baby knits

I became a grand aunt for the second time this week and embarrassingly there were no baby knits to welcome Kate! I had clean forgotten her due-date and hadn't bought baby yarn nor planned a project.
Well, I started on a blanket with some Sirdar Snuggles and ran out when it was clear that the FO could only serve as an oversized burping towel! (total denial syndrome-itis again!)
After a frantic search I came up with these....

The Bootees pattern is from a Debbie Bliss leaflet and Magic Slippers by Sockpixie. Aren't they cute???

Yarn: Peony acrylic , Needles: 3mm, size: newborn

Am going to get some feedback on these slippers from the tired but happy mom (her firstborn is a boy), if baby seems comfortable in them and they don't drop off easily, I plan to knit more of these and not bother with another blanket.

Yarn: Sirdar Snuggles, Needles: 3mm, Size: 1-3 mths

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Agatha FO

Fresh off the blocking board...I'll let the pictures do the talking...

Pattern: Agatha by thatloganchick
Yarn: Australian wool, 5 ply, Black
Needles: 4mm
Amount: 400 gm (yarn bought without labels and yardage information)
Size: Wingspan - 56" Depth - 25"

Notes: Followed pattern exactly, 4 repeats of main pattern

Would I knit another one? YES!!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Can't put her down

Not having the recommended DK yarn didn't deter me as I found the remnants of a 5 ply Australian wool which could be a good substitute. It was bought as a scrap bag of about 700gms, no labels, no indication of yardage but there's 450 gms left over from another project which is plenty for Agatha, I'm sure. The yarn quality isn't too great and I would have prefered something softer in a different hue. But it'll do for now, I might knit another with some other yarn later.
I love the pattern, it's well written and the instructions, all 9 pages of them, user-friendly and easy to comprehend. Haven't been able to put it down since cast-on, however I think I will reserve it for daylight knitting from now. Black is a killer on the eyes and tires me out quickly
Here it is after 2 repeats....

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Delayed gratification...

It was love at first sight with Agatha-ThatLoganChick and so I proceeded to purchase it at Etsy, planning to cast it on over the weekend.
I've been very good recently, knitting from Stash, so was certain there'd be a suitable wool mix or silky DK yarn tucked in there. Skeins are literally falling out when the cupboard is opened!
Now, how many mornings have we stood staring at the clothes closet ,surprised there's 'nothing to wear' when the bars are sagging with too many hangers? That's that same feeling I had when I searched and triple checked through the Stash for that just perfect yarn I would have bought and forgotten about many moons ago - there must be!
Nope, nothing, I came up with zilch, not even a substitute I might consider in desperation. Hmm...maybe my Stash is not as big as I thought????

Oh well! delayed gratification is good for the knitting soul sometimes and I might as well enjoy the online shopping....
Here's a peek at my WIPs...

Decided to stay with stockinette so as not to 'distort' the colourway, but might change to the Blueberry waffle stitch for the leg. Yarn - Supersock from Cherry Tree Hill in Spring Frost; Needles - 2mm

Office Casual (the third) with Peony acrylic yarn on 3.5 mm needles. I don't have a particular pattern and is winging it as I knit.