Saturday, March 24, 2007

Garter border repairs

Imagine finding this along the border when the stole is about 5 repeats to the finishing line? Stockinette in between Garter rows!!!

As with most of my knitting mistakes,I decided I wasn't going to live with it, glaring at me each time I use the Stole so decided to try 'making' some garter ridges over the stitches.

The results didn't look too bad ya? and it took a while to find the patch later.

It feels like ages since I've posted an FO, I can't wait, so here's a peep at Kimono Stole blocking.

I've sent off the first SP10 parcel to my Spoilee who is down with a bad bout of stomach flu in the hope that it'd cheer her up. Since it is Registered, the postal clerk insisted on my address on the package, how do other SP Senders get round this 'give away'?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spoiler and Spoilee

It took me an entire dinner time to tell DH and daughter about SP10, Spoilers and Spoilees. I was half expecting them to go "ooh.. your knitting ladies again..!" but guess what, they thought it's such a novel idea and are looking forward to see how this new 'knitting gift exchange' will turn out.

I've heard from my Spoiler and contacted my Spoilee whose Blog I've enjoyed reading. All this 'must keep my identity secret' is 'exciting stress' !

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Most progress...Kimono Stole...almost 40%

Slowly..Whole Clan Aran Jumper....casting on sleeves

Worst....Ogee sleeveless top...needs concentration

Maybe....IK Spring 2007....plain sleeves???

Hope everyone had better progress than me! Gosh! just realised that all the pictures except for the grey jumper are in shades of Blue.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I'm back!

I'm back...,with no new FOs, a frogged Kimono stole, 2 old WIPs and new cast on Kimono. So much for planning to complete the Aran jumper by end February and showing off Ogee in this entry!

The ten days I was off work during the Chinese New Year break were spent mostly sleeping, eating and catching up with visiting relatives. It was so hot and humid most of the time that the idea of having this huge mass of wool on my lap wasn't such a good idea. How much can one knit with sticky fingers from constantly dipping into festive cookie jars??
And that brings me to the 'mystery' of the 3 additional pounds that seem to have appeared overnight....and so today is the official start of my week long DIET.

Anyway, I decided the Aran jumper can wait till June and I'd mail it off then. Truffles was sewn up and packed but I forgot to take pictures. The one below was hastily dug out of son's luggage 10 minutes before setting off for the airport. I'm afraid it looks muddy instead of dark chocolate brown in the photo.

In the meantime, the Kimono stole pattern in variegated merino mohair just didn't look right and I decided to frog after 3 repeats. Better than regretting later I guess.
I replaced it with the Fingering weight light blue cashmere (remember that tangled mess a few blogs ago?) which shows off the pattern much better.


Would be happy to receive suggestions on other projects for this laceweight variegated yarn.

Pattern : Truffles, Drops Pattern 25-83
Chest Size: 42"
Yarn: Knitpicks Swish Superwash, colour Truffle
Amount: 16 x 50 gm x 110 yds
Needles: 5 mm

The whole clan jumper is knitted with Swish Coast Grey on 4.5 mm needles instead of 5mm and the twisted cable -mistake rib stitches makes a much firmer texture. Although I'm happy with how Truffles turned out, it's a little too 'soft'. I'd much prefer a firmer feel to the garment and would have been perfect had I went with a tighter gauge.
I love the yarn and would definitely use it again.