Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I'm in the midst of deciding my next projects and swatching for them so this is going to be short and rather devoid of exciting pictures.

Remember the tanggled mess of my last post? After more hours of sheer frustration it is now that neat little ball in the picture. As for the maroon cone next to it, I will not attempt to wash and bloom it no matter how tempting. Indeed the blue cashmere is much softer after the bath (or ordeal?).

Truffles (excuse the over exposed picture) is completed except for some underarm seaming and the collar. It's going to stay unsewn till I'm decided whether to comtinue knitting it to a Polo or leave it as is.

Monday, January 22, 2007

A tangled mess!

These two yummy skeins from the knittery came via Australian relatives way way before Christmas and I'm still nowhere near starting any projects with them. I intend to get all WIPs out of the way first.Passion Fruit, a Mohair Merino laceweight will probably grow up to be a Kimono shawl while there's no plans yet for Moonlight, the Merino 2 ply.

Clever me made some major adjustments to the ribbing and stitch count for Truffles which got knitted in double quick time. When I paused to admire how well the raglan yoke was turning out over the weekend...horrors!!!! oooh! the sick in the stomach feeling you get when you know something's gone terrible wrong? The ribbing count on both sides of the cable didn't match!
Since it's knitted in the round there was more to frog, a whole 2.5 balls of wool to be exact. Here it is, sleeves reunited with the body and a long way to the collar yet...sigh..

This is staring at me in the family room for sometime now. It was a 1050 yds cone of lace weight cashmere from Colourmart which I decided to wash and bloom before knitting. I'm not going to try explain how I got into this tangled mess.
Hope to have better news in my next update!

Friday, January 12, 2007

An FO and WIPs

Finally, a reliable connection window for pictures! I'm desperate for a blogging fix and am posting from work ...sans chit chat...some yarn and needle details will be updated later.

Pattern : Thorn and Thistle, IK Summer 2006
Chest Size: 38"
Yarn: Catania Cotton
Amount: 6.5 x 50 gm x 135 yds
Needles: 3.25 mm
Modifications : moss stitch on collar and sleeves instead of crochet

Meet Ogee, from Jaeger Handknits No 4, knitted in Japanese Novia cotton. I love the peacock green, there's a subtle sheen to it, but the yarn is a little hard on my fingers. Regg assures me I'm going to love it even more after washing.

This is Truffles (the colour of Knit Picks Swish actually), Drops design 85-23. It's for JS, my son in Melbourne.


Monday, January 08, 2007

A good rest

It was sheer bliss! 12 days off work right through the New Year with nothing to do except knit in between errands and some truly mega shopping(empty wallet but satisfied grin).

If roots could sprout from armchairs mine would have!
I got through the entire Season 2 of 'House' and 'Grey's Anatomy' in addition to all 6 parts of Star Wars.
DH suggested another 'Lord of the Rings' marathon but I've had enough. It was getting kindda embrarrasing trying to convince concerned neighbours my swollen eyes did not come from crying all day!

The Internet down time didn't bother me at all since I had decided to have a complete breakaway from the PC at home.

Not till this week when a sudden touch of blogging withdrawal symptoms began to creep in and the desire to upload some WIP and FO pictures from home ended in frustration at the constant line interruptions. There's some Australian yarn I'd like to show too.
I shall try again tonight but just in case.....:)

A happy belated New Year and may our knitting mojos be ever present. I broke a 'no resolutions' rule and made a teeny weeny one to 'get 2 brisk walks round the neighbourhood in a week'. DH has been cooperative....so far...

Till my pictures are uploaded then.....