Saturday, September 22, 2007

The loot, the loot...

When I heard there were 'only' 9 packs, I thought; 'good, it'll be a cinge, they'll fit into the travelling bag I brought just for the job'. OK, so I misculculated again! Anyway, managed to bully someone to empty out a box for me and pack 'em all in, right to the top and since I didn't have tape to seal the covers(clever me brought a ball of string!!), the check-in lady decided to use a 'Fragile' sticker to close the gaps!!

Come and get them at the meet-up girls!!!!

Who cares if I haven't a clue how they were coming home, I had to have these lovely Katia Tundra from Spotlight, down from S$19.90 to $9 per ball!!! I grabbed all 6 so don't bother rushing there ya?
Thank you for a lovely evening; Regg, Jollin, Mira and ZhiYun.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Classic Top

It's a mad rush around here today, so a quick update! My Barbara Walker inspired top is finally an FO and worn to Bangkok this week - Straight off the blocking board and onto the body, literally! The passenger next to me, Prof Carla from Italy, actually noticed and commented on the seamless shoulder and sleeves!!!
I think I've got everything- length, collar, sleves, just right this time round and plan to knit a series of these in different variations and colours as casual office wear.

Pattern : Set in sleeves
Knitting from the top - Barbara Walker
Yarn : Japanese Peony - 100% acrylic
Amount: 8x 40g x ?? metres
Needles: 3.5mm

Not very tidy and still slightly noticeable but I'm real proud of my short- row shoulders and sleeves.

Decided to replace K2P2 ribbing with K2 P2 Cable2 P2 when I got bored with the sleeves and neck Ribs.

There's going to be much winter wear knitting from now and DD has requested for this jumper from a Rowan mag in Polar yarn which I conveniently have stashed.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Navy socks

Done! Navy socks for DH and I can't wait to cast on for a brighter coloured pair after this. Here it is modeled by the proud owner himself.

Pattern: Toe-up from Wendyknits
Finished size: Length 10", Leg circ 7"
Yarn: Knitpicks Essential,
Amount: 2 x 50g x 231 yds
Needles: 2mm
Gauge: 10sts to 1" stockinette
I am still plodding away (very very slowly) with the Forest Path Stole and on the finishing leg of the green top. Hope to have an FO to show soon.
In the meantime, there's these Noro and Tapestry yummies waiting to grow into Jumpers, aren't they lovely?? and I do need new winter wear this year.......
The yellow sock yarn is going to be a nice change too.