Saturday, June 23, 2007

What a week!

Monday, part of my KTS3 exchange, these yummy sock yarn arrived! Thank you Cathy, I can't wait to get started, my favourite soft soft pastels!

As soon as Lady Eleanor is off the needles, hopefully tonight, I plan to cast on this with a 4 ply cashmere from Colourmart. The pattern seems easy enough to take with me on vacation next week. Or, maybe I might start off a sock with the peachy yarn on the left as well? What of FPS? Well, it's on a hiatus till I get back from the hols!

Birthday's not till next week and I've already opened 2 presents! Thanks Regg and Annie for the goodies , especially the shrug. It is my very first knitted gift and much loved. Thank YOU!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hiking FOs and Lady's progress

It's been a most productive morning today. I had promised YL to take her shopping for her Prom dress and not only did we find the dress, we also made it to the post office with 2 parcels.

The one to Cathy, my KTS3, is long long overdue as a result of nothing else but sheer procrastination on my part! The package had been wrapped for days waiting for the one to JS to be ready. Alas, these hiking socks, hat and Aran jumper(previous blog entry) took longer to air dry as it's been raining almost daily recently.

Yarn: Cleckheaton 100% DK wool (superwash)
Socks: 2.5 x 50gm x 104m
Hat: 3.5 x 50gm x 104m, double strand

Now that both packages are on their way, it's full steam ahead with Lady Eleanor. Here it is, 3 balls of Rowan Tapestry knitting. I've enjoyed watching the 'bricks' forming and the constant changing of colours makes it interesting. The shade and intensity of colours in each ball varies immensely but I'm fine with that as it adds to the beauty of the Lady.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

FO and the Lady

Four months late but still in time for the Australian Winter - the Whole Clan Sweater from Knit Picks.
Pattern: Knitpicks:One for the whole clan sweater
Yarn: Knitpicks Swish Superwash, Colour: Coast Grey
Amount: 15 x 50 gm x 110 yd
Needles: 4.5 mm

Due to my new job portfolio I'm sitting at 2 different office locations. The air-conditioning in my old room is never above 18% C cos' its a floor below the hospital's operating theatres and yet a cotton shirt and lacey stoles suffice for the day but this other one is much much colder, so bad, I'm holding onto a hot mug all day! What a waste of energy with the central air-conditioning.

Looks like I'm not going to survive very well without taking drastic actions. So, here's Rowan Tapestry growing up very quickly into Lady Eleanor and perhaps some leftover cashmere from Kimono into a pair of lacey fingerless mittens?? When your fingers are too frozen for the keyboard, who cares about a few stares ?

Meet-up ladies, I'm leaving the blogging of the event to Mona since the pictures I took didn't turn out decent enough to do most of you justice! The lighting was all wrong.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

A quick update

It's the weekend we make the one hour journey South to visit the In-Laws and we're usually back late Sunday evening which means I'm too lazy to switch on the PC except plonk down on the sofa to enjoy an 'after journey coffee' ... so, a quick update..

Guess what I found while diving into my stash for some bulky yarn to cast on a short cardi I've been eyeing for myself? The superwash Cleckheaton DK remnants I thought I had but couldn't figure why I've only got 2 balls left! Another 2 were stashed and hidden away in a box of sock yarn which I had forgotten about! Sigh!..I guess it's time for some stock taking and tidying up next week.

So, here's hiking socks 2 in Garter Rib knitted with 3.25mm DPNs.

Having read much about seams lending more 'bulk' and 'form definition' to a jumper, I'm still not convinced to give up 3 stitch bind-offs and knitting in the round. If not for them ,I'd never get that neat joining at the shoulders and sides plus actually look forward to sewing up the armholes. No dreading the seaming of sleeves and sides...gosh! that feels good.

Wish you all a restful weekend and produtive week ahead!

My Secret Pal 10 : Looking forward to the goodies :)

My KTS3 - Cathy : Hope you'd like the yarn arriving from 'Simply Sock Yarn Co' and I've bought the teas ..package will be out by the week.