Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Knitting Without Tears arrived!

It's amazing the amount of information Elizabeth Zimmermann managed to get into the book and although mostly text, I've read it over and over and over.....each time discovering something new. I would recommend it to all serious knitters.

Amazom.com promised 'Knitting Around', also by EZ, is on the way and I might put in an order for 'Knitting from the top' (Barbara Walker) later.Since finishing JS's jumper- knitted on the round, I've completed a teeny weeny T-shirt this for YL and this time knitted from the top.

I've fallen in love with both techniques, thus the books!
I'm definitely going to attempt to convert 'flats' to 'rounds' as much as possible from now on.

No more, really, no more variegated scarves! The Griffinddor scarf for JS took hours of tail weaving. They are better knitted in double layers with joins left inside!.

At last! I've found a Knitting Forum of mostly Malaysians and Singaporeans - Forum
It was getting too lonely on my own. My lunch group at work thinks I'm strange - choosing to knit, "like an old lady on a rocking chair" (quote).

My kids are beginning to appreciate mum's FOs - I hope! JS says my woollie jumpers keep him warmer than his other stuff and YL thinks that the latest T-shirt is 'hip' since it shows some waist line. Anything longer will make her look 'auntie' it seems. There's a standing order from a little cousin who likes YL's roll brim woollie hat when she wore it to HK Disney. There'll be another on the needles soon.

The one person who truly understands my craze is hubby. Well, I was already knitting when we met in college many many moons ago.



Ruth said...

hi sally, found your blog through the forum. hope you get in touch with local kniters soon! =)

JS said...

Hi mummy, was going through some of your "creations" and I was and still am preety suprised by the amount of work you put into knitting these days as well as sharing your work with other knitters. I'm not complaining though, I especially like the Harry Potter scarf and the idea of you giving knitting classes to YL's friends. I of course wouldn't need to learn knitting because I've got "someone" to make it for me. =) Keep up the good work mummy =)