Monday, January 08, 2007

A good rest

It was sheer bliss! 12 days off work right through the New Year with nothing to do except knit in between errands and some truly mega shopping(empty wallet but satisfied grin).

If roots could sprout from armchairs mine would have!
I got through the entire Season 2 of 'House' and 'Grey's Anatomy' in addition to all 6 parts of Star Wars.
DH suggested another 'Lord of the Rings' marathon but I've had enough. It was getting kindda embrarrasing trying to convince concerned neighbours my swollen eyes did not come from crying all day!

The Internet down time didn't bother me at all since I had decided to have a complete breakaway from the PC at home.

Not till this week when a sudden touch of blogging withdrawal symptoms began to creep in and the desire to upload some WIP and FO pictures from home ended in frustration at the constant line interruptions. There's some Australian yarn I'd like to show too.
I shall try again tonight but just in case.....:)

A happy belated New Year and may our knitting mojos be ever present. I broke a 'no resolutions' rule and made a teeny weeny one to 'get 2 brisk walks round the neighbourhood in a week'. DH has been far...

Till my pictures are uploaded then.....

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