Friday, August 17, 2007

My toes are laughing.....

Nope!, am not in my new socks but at work sneeking this entry in!

Regg nominated me for this: (click to find out more)

and I am totally tickled (pink??)! It's the "Rockin' Girl" bit that will have my kids hooting with laughter I'm sure. "Mum....rockin'?????"

The Girls I'm nominating for the awards :

Michelle - a budding website designer (she designed my daughter's site ) and avid knitter

Mona - whom I envy for her artistic talents

Doreen - who knits and crochet beautifully all the time

Ruchira - who gives me hope that I may yet have a 'knitting daughter'

Pretty-knitty - whose site you must visit for exquisite knits and designs


R a i n said...

Congratulations! You're a total rockin' mum!

Thanks for nominating me. I shall not let you down =D

Pr3tty* Knitty~ said...

Thanks for nominating me too! Let me spread this award now! =p

Amy said...

I am an avid knitter who has just moved to KL - can you direct me to any good yarn shops or knitting groups? I live by KLCC. Thanks so much - Amy

Sally said...

Dear Amy,

You're welcome to join and hope to see you at our meet-ups in KL - although we haven't met for a while :(
LYS - Golden Hands, Jaya supermarket in PJ (closing in Dec after 30 yrs!)
- Amcorp Mall in PJ (sorry can't remember the name but near the escalator)
-Lily's in Sg Wang, KL and Subang Parade, PJ

Hope this helps. Many of us shop online too.

javieth said...

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