Friday, December 21, 2007


Now, wouldn't any right thinking knitter have figured out, much much earlier, that 800 yds IS NEVER ever going to be EQUAL the 1000 yds recommended clearly in the pattern???? Is this silly optimism normal??? How long can a knitter be in denial I wonder?

I chose to ignore the many little voices trying to tell me yarn was vanishing at too fast a rate until reality finally sank through during a blissful state of knitting and dozing in the Eurostar somewhere between Paris and London, that there really, really won't be enough yarn for the next 2 repeats and top edge. It's just lucky for me that the seller has more!. Let's see if the colour lot matches...

rantings over... The WIP is Sivia Harding's Moonshadow lacy stole knitted lengthwise and I can't sing enough praises for it. It's such a clever design and easy knit. Am using fingering cashmere from Colourmart.

As usual, I'll be off work for the Christmas & New Year break and switching to my vacation job as a Couch Potatoe cum Knitter.
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Laura.Y said...

Merry Xmas to u and ur family. :)

Annie said...

Greetings from Seoul, Korea. Blessed Christmas to you and family!

Mira said...

Wishing you a blessed Christmas.

I hope the stole will have a happy ending =) Happy holidays

R a i n said...

Hope you have a wonder new year with all your wishes coming true! Happy New Year!