Friday, April 11, 2008

More Yarny Loot

And to think I decided there wasn't anything much I wanted when I first went into the shop!!!! Maybe it was because I didn't quite like the shop assistant on the 2nd floor but got rather chumy with Ming on the 3rd.

Ten balls of any yarn is heavily discounted at this place, so you're looking at 2 balls each of 5 colourways of Katia Azteca planned for gift scarves for friends of YL leaving from August through February 09. Then I saw a gorgeous swatch out of the Filo Filu which I'm sure would knit up to a sexy slinky evening shawl..Couldn't resist that.

Ming persuaded me into buying the Japanese Knitting symbols dictionary and a book of 250 pattern samplers (mostly cables) when she found out I couldn't knit from Japanese patterns. I might give it a try one of these days... and there's a magnetic pattern marker too.

Remember the cheapie cotton yarn from the last post? Here's the green-white colourway growing very fast into Green Gable.. I'm using 1 strand of variegated with 1 strand white on 4mm needles. Would you believe the pile of knitting here is out of a single ball of each colour? This picture was taken when I was about to join the 2nd ball of green-white. Gosh! I'm still amazed I can get half a Top out of a RM 2 ball of yarn!!!


knitterPat said...

Gosh! RM2.00 yarn?
Where did you get it?
What kind of yarn is that?
It looks lovely.

Anonymous said...

Wow, where is the shop you get the Katia from ?

Sally said...

I got them from here: The shop is located a few doors away from the Holiday Inn hotel at Causeway Bay in Hong Kong

mona said...

Lucky You!! loooorve the loot.