Wednesday, October 08, 2008

It's been some time now..

I am still finding it difficult to update this blog and the longer the lapse, the urgency wanes. Is this why most bloggers announce a hiatus? I've been contemplating shutting down this blog and just updating projects on Ravelry. The reason I am reluctant is mainly technical - this blog, I 'own' but on Ravelry I'm just a 'user', this, friends is the IT techie in me talking whilst the knitter in me loves the ease of use and huge potential of what Ravelry has to offer, at the same time allowing me to be 'wordless' if I so choose.
And so...I will continue to blog, albeit not so regularly and dating FO details into Ravelry until I find my blogging mojo again!
I have been busy knitting winter wear for YL who is now reading 1st year law in the UK. Here's a peek at the FOs I haven't blogged about.
Details of yarn and patterns used are posted on Ravelry!

Bought this jacket pattern and yarn in an Aberystwyth LYS, knitting done in less than a week!

This Beret I knitted in an evening from the Rowan Cocoon Collection.
The lime green jumper and pink jacket are both knitted with Sirdar Softie, an acrylic and wool mix. The seaming was a nightmare since I hated thick edgings, moreover the stitches made with 10mm and 12mm needles amplified imperfections too much.
I hope the Rowan Big Wool bought for Kim Hargreaves' - Temptation jacket ( Thrown Together mag) will turn out better.

I regret changing my mind about going to Colinette Mills in Llanfair, Wales as planned. I was less than 2 hours drive away but decided not to after falling in love with the LYS (take a look at Cynthia's new online store, she'll charge actual postage only ) just a few minutes away from my hotel! It has the latest patterns, mags, every Rowan, Sublime and Sirdar yarn one can imagine with a selection of Regia and Manos at the side. Moreover, the mill is open for business half day on Fridays and it'd mean a mad rush in addition to paying for car rental, the cost of which I eventually used for Kid Silk classic!

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ruth said...

wow, such terrific FOs! i especially love the cabled jacket!