Sunday, April 12, 2009

Meet Roberta

Friday, 10th April - meet Roberta which DH took about 30mins to figure out and assemble. Right after Good Friday service, the spinning madness began.....
I had pre-ordered and drafted one of several rovings from ewegivemetheknits and watched letsknit2gether's video podcast before taking the plunge. Still, the initial couple of hours were very very frustrating but I was determined to plod on...ta da!!!!
Here it is! my very first handspun!!!! It's uneven and probably won't ever be knitted into anything but it is my first masterpiece.. 36 yards in 2 ply.

Roving: Mulled wine merino top (100 gms)
Just hot off the bobbin, much much improved and planning to ply with black later.

Roving: Double mocha merino top (100 gm)


Michelle said...

You started spinning!!! Yay!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! This is your first ever handspun?? I'm seriously impressed!!
Well done :)

Mei said...


R a i n said...

Wow!! You're a spinner now too!

cuppycake said...

Hi I wud like to find out if you take orders to knit a toddler's
dress. Will provide pattern. Pls quote price and how long will it take
for completion.