Saturday, October 17, 2009

Still knitting

I'm still knitting, just not blogging that much about it. My Ravelry pages are up to date with FOs and WIPs, I just can't get back into blogging mode!

Spinning is taking a back seat at the moment with DH's black Alpaca jumper and YL's Afghan to be completed by October. I'm leaving Nov and Dec for a new 'ME' jumper (not decided on pattern yet) and a pair of fingerless mittens for YL. Yes, we're travelling soon, Christmas and New Year in cold, cold UK and Ireland.
I don't have a camera at the moment, it's gone on a little trip with DH and pictures from my mobile ain't that great!
Here's some recent Fos which were posted into Ravelry ages ago.

Central Park Hoodie knitted in Rowanspun Chunky. Kidsilk Haze garter stitch scarf with 5.5mm needles. The 32" basic jumper took very little time although it's in almost sock yarn weight. All three for YL's new Uni year.
Oh! dear, I need to add more interesting colours to the stash!!!!


Momo4ever.Com said...

Hey Sally, love all the FOs!!! Been wanting to start the CPH for ages now but no time for other projects :P Did you knit the CPH in one piece?

Annie said...

hi Sally, finally seeing you updating your blog!! nice FOs!! especially the CPH and the garter stich scarf!

R a i n said...

Love the scarf and the sweaters are classics :)

Athena said...

ur hoodie is so lovely!!