Sunday, June 18, 2006

Spanish Paella and Pot Bottom Crust

To celebrate Father's Day we went to a Spanish style restaurant that serves a delicious Seafood Paella of savoury rice, tomatoes, spices, mussels, clams and prawns. When the dish arrived, its rich aroma brought back warm nostalgic memories of Jinet, my Persian room /classmate at college and our happy chatty shared dinners.

I think its a modified version of 'Tah-Cheen-e Morgh' (Pot-Bottom Crust with Chicken). She would cook the rice grains, canned tomatoes, chicken, raisins and spices in a normal rice cooker. When ready, she tips over the pot and out comes this heavenly golden mould of rice with a thick crust that needs to be cut with a knife for serving. Our local burnt rice is not palatable but THAT crust is out of this world, especially after some butter is spread on it.

Unfortunately, we drifted apart when we went to different universities and all efforts to trace her some years later came to naught.
I've often wondered how she is and whether she's migrated to the US. If you know of people with 'forever spring' for a family name, please ask if they have a Jinet in the family?

JS brought home this jumper, knitted last year in Cleckheaton 8 Ply in Fishermen's Rib stitch. It got into a 'you came too close fight' with some branches and parts of it appear as if a cat had polished its claws on it. He says it feels like an armour and I have to admit the stitch has got this 'double layer' effect and IS heavy.
I am seriously contemplating frogging the whole thing and recycling the wool into another jumper for him.

This arrived in the post from Roxysyarn where I ordered another lot of Plymouth Fantasy Naturalle Cotton. Roxanne included the 20 packets of Kool-aid when she found out I wanted to try a spot of home dyeing. Since she refused payment, we've agreed that I put some money into the Indonesian Aid fund for her.


opportunityknits said...

My mum likes to eat rice crust from the old way of cooking rice, no crust from our rice cooker. That's a nice shade of turquoise (on my screen) cotton

Mimi said...

Like you, I am often thinking about old friends that I have lost contact. A few we can find but others can only leave sweet memories. :)

Oh I like that turquoise color! Do you have plans for this yarn?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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