Monday, September 18, 2006

Drama after drama

Ever had one of those weeks where everything seems to happen at the same time and left you wondering what's next? My dramas started on Tuesday and went right through the week.

I found out I've got to have at least 2 more hanks for Clapotis and was to-ing and fro-ing with the ladies at Knitpicks to try and rush the additions into the first order made on Monday. Too late, but they've got the same lot, despatched off immediately and were super friendly and helpful.

The next few days were hectic but so far so good till Friday, the major drama, when I realised I couldn't make it out of the country for a business trip on Sunday. Which explains why I'm here blogging instead of somewhere else!.

We went for this on Saturday:

It's a one man show and if you haven't heard the Gospel of St Luke, King James version, told word for word and yet so comprehensible, don't miss this if it ever comes to your neck of the woods. Like Bruce Kuhn the actor said "it's great to have so many of you pay big bucks to come listen to a gospel story!".

The matinee audience was provided with a pre-show drama by me missing what I insisted was a mysterious step, falling with a thud on the theatre aisle and landing on my knee! Walking is a pain since then.

My trip is on and the flight is tomorrow. Negotiating airport steps will be an agony though. My ankle has had all the treatments I can think of. Chinese massage with kung-fu oil, infra light 2x a day, ankle guard to take off some pressure, socks to keep warm at night and prayers for a miracle.

In the meantime I've casted on a Rowanspun 4 ply jumper for DH that will give me hours of mindless stockinette knitting and Sivia Harding's Hanging Garden to knit when I have some quiet time the next few days. Doesn't look like I will be doing much shopping on this trip anyway!

And by the way, the pictures of both the jumper and stole refused to upload, so I guess that's the cue for me to say bye2 and wish all of you and especially myself, a safe and fruitful week ahead.


Mimi said...

Such an unlucky week! You'll may have more knitting time since you need some rest. Hope your ankle recovers soon.

R a i n said...

Oh dear...good luck and hoping for a speedy recovery.