Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dropping stitches is fun

Oooh! the joys of un-knitting.It's great, this deliberate dropping of stitches in Clapotis . I find myself rushing with the knitting and anticipating gleefully the rows where the drops are made. Is this a manifestation of the destructive trait that some say are inherent in us?

There's so much written about this pattern so I'm not going to say very much except I'm really amazed at how the designer came up with such a unique knit . It's knitted with Knitpicks Twist in Moonlight.

Fushia Gable (office casual 3) went to the office today and that is why it's looking rather tired and slightly creased at the bottom. It's been a quick and easy knit and for a first try at top-down knitting, I'd recommend it.

Pattern : Green Gable

Yarn : Bendigo, Harmony ROSE, 8 ply,30% wool 69.6% cotton 4% Lycra

Amount used : approx 700 yds

Needles : 4 mm & 3 mm

Mods : Sleeves, body and ribbing were lengthened. Instructions for size 40" followed to achieve chest size 36/38 with DK yarn gauge.

Will knit the pattern again but in a smoother and softer yarn. The lycra content gives this a nice stretch however, the yarn is better suited for a 'rugged' look.


ruth said...

ooh, your green gable turned out so nice!! will there be a picture shot of you wearing it sometime? =)

nsevil said...

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Annie said...

wow, your "pink" gable looks lovely!

R a i n said...

I had the luck of seeing the Green Gable in real ;) It's really lovely.

And Clapotis is looking great! Twist is such a nicely textured yarn indeed for the project.

opportunityknits said...

Your clapotis looks good in that yarn with the flecks. When you finish knitting, don't block it yet - wear it first, it has a nice curvy effect. If you don't like the curvy effect, then block it after.

Mimi said...

I think Green Gable is a nice and versatile top. You should model it for us! ;)

knitties said...

I agree with modelling the sweater... you need to show us how your lovely Green Gable looks like on you :)

Barbara said...

Ah...must be a great feeling to be able to knit your own blouses. Really lovely, I like that fushia colour too. Why do they call it green gable I wonder? Of course I know next to nuts about knitting, just know a lovely piece when I see one :)