Monday, October 16, 2006

Knitting charts

It took almost 2 hours to block, but seeing it all stretched out in its 'glory' was most satisfying.

Pattern: Cozy

Size: 20.5" by 69" (blocked)

Yarn: Bendigo 4 ply cotton in Natural

Skeins: ( 200 + 75) gm x 670 yds = 921 yds

Needles: 3.5 mm

this made knitting much easier...

pinned on kiddie blocks drying near the windows.

I wanted coloured charts and my Hanging Garden, with symbols in black, was driving me cross-eyed, so I sat down and charted another on Msoft Excel which took just over an hour. Isn't this worth it? The right side columns are row counters.


R a i n said...

Oooo the cozy looks gorgeous! I love the blocking pic.

The charts are a great idea!

opportunityknits said...

Cozy blocked out beautifully. You're quite an Excel whiz!

Doreen said...

Your cozy looks so beautiful, cant wait to see it in person.

Mimi said...

Cozy is gorgeous and your excel chart is a great help. I can tell that your one hour spent on Excel saved you hours in knitting time.

Bee said...

*blick eyes 3 times*
good job on cozy!!!

Dipsy D. said...

Your chart is such an amazing idea, I bet this helped you big time! And I'm totally impressed by your Cozy - it's beautiful! Fantastic work!

prettyknit said...

The cozy are beautiful, like you idea of using kiddie blocks for blocking.

emy said...

You are amazing! Doing colored charts like this?! -- Not me!

You have such great patience! :)