Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year

It's Chinese New Year on Sunday the 18th, and in between travelling to the In-laws (an hour's drive to the south) and my brothers' (four hours to the north) during the week, I'm hoping to finish at least 2 WIPs.
The reunion dinner on Saturday is going to be almost complete for my parents-in-law as all their children, but one, and their families will be home. Last year we were minus my son in Melbourne but he's back just for the celebrations.

And so, to all of you 'Gong Xi Fa Cai', wishing you Prosperity and Good Health.

DH and I will be using these red packet envelopes, aren't the boy-girl piggies cute? (it's the year of the boar/pig )

Here's why I haven't been knitting much this past week!

I'm still short of my 12 fruit cake loaves and 'Murphy' had to come say 'hello!' The microwave function of my brand new micro-oven just went 'kaput', but luckily the oven still works and I was just negotiating with the repairman to come back after the New Year if he can't fix it today. But no, he's got to dismantle the panel and promises he'll be back bright and early tomorrow with the replacement. (He said he noticed my baking stuff on the work top, bless him!). I had planned to finish by this evening so the cakes will get an extra brushing of Rum /Brandy before gift wrapping them.

Another mad rush but it's only once a year and I do enjoy baking and giving the fruit cakes away to friends and relatives. It's a Christmas Celebration recipe which somehow became a Chinese New Year favourite where I triple the amount of alcohol in each cake. And that's not including the daily brushings on top!

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