Saturday, March 24, 2007

Garter border repairs

Imagine finding this along the border when the stole is about 5 repeats to the finishing line? Stockinette in between Garter rows!!!

As with most of my knitting mistakes,I decided I wasn't going to live with it, glaring at me each time I use the Stole so decided to try 'making' some garter ridges over the stitches.

The results didn't look too bad ya? and it took a while to find the patch later.

It feels like ages since I've posted an FO, I can't wait, so here's a peep at Kimono Stole blocking.

I've sent off the first SP10 parcel to my Spoilee who is down with a bad bout of stomach flu in the hope that it'd cheer her up. Since it is Registered, the postal clerk insisted on my address on the package, how do other SP Senders get round this 'give away'?


Mira said...

The Kimono Stole is pretty!!

When I took part in SP9, I had registered the package too but I put 'From Your SP' instead of my name. Can't avoid not writing the address tho...Have fun with SP10, I hope you get awesome knitting stuff!!

Regg said...

u r superz fast!
nice colour ! :)

Anonymous said...

Impressive! You have done an amazing job with it!


opportunityknits said...

Brilliant idea for fixing the knitting! Your kimono shawl is so pretty in that shade of blue. Everyone is knitting something in this vintagey blue lately!

ruth said...

Great job recreating that garter stitch. That's a mistake I would have done to, but not sure how to fix it (besides ripping back, and who wants to do that?!). =) It really does look beautiful!! =)

Annie said...

Hi Sally, your Kimono Stole is so so so lovely!

R a i n said...

Nice way of fixing your mistake ;) And wow, it looks gorgeous, looks like it goes on for miles!

I had an agent ;o) in Singapore who so generously mailed off my stuff to Kessa, my spoilee heheh.

Mimi said...

That was so clever! ;) It looks perfect now.

prettyknit said...

such a good ideas on fixing it..I have the same mistake, don't knit what to do. the shawl came out very nice.