Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Stash bursting and FOs

I had a great time at our school reunion, we chatted late into the night (more screaming than chatting :)), ate non-stop, exchanged mobile numbers and figured out our combined ages came to a grand total of 600!!!!
Ogee was greatly admired but, by the end of the hot and humid evening I swore I'd never wear it with a camisole again!
Here it is, hanging in the hotel closet.
Pattern : Ogee from Jaeger Handknits (JM04)
Yarn : Japanese Cotton Novia
Amount : 7 x 40 gms x 105 m
Needles : 2.25mm and 3mm

View from my hotel room at Gurney Drive, Penang, Malaysia
This pair of winter hiking socks was born en-route. It's the first of 3 pairs I intend to knit from my stash of Cleckheaton DK Superwash remnants. There's at least 4 balls of each colour, just perfect for socks to keep JS warm on his Aussie Bush Walk trip this winter.

Finally, the Bolero....with its temperory but now permanent brooch made of an old Versace punk pin and a heart charm. Again, the yarn came from my ever growing stash, remnants from a Jumper knitted last year.

Pattern : Boleros from Pildar No 443-T5-450
Yarn : Lion Brand Wool-Ease, worsted weight, 80% acrylic 20% wool
Amount : 2.2 x 85 gms x 197 yds
Needles : 5.5 mm

The pattern called for the neck and front bands to be knitted separately, I picked up the stitches and got away with just seaming the sides and sleeves that I forgot to knit in the round!!


R a i n said...
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R a i n said...

The bolero looks fantastic. Wondering how it would like modeled....hmmmmmmmmm........

opportunityknits said...

The ogee tank is very pretty, and perfect for our weather. hehee, there must have been a lot of girls to add up to 600!

Mimi said...

Ogee is lovely and the color is very unique as well! And how nice that you wore at the school reunion.
Cute bolero and I like the brooch you made.

chooiwah said...

the shrug are beautiful!! nice navy blue. I have some cover button which you could just place a fabric,if you interested, I could give you one.

Mira said...

The bolero is looking good! And the ogee...wow!

bluey said...

Ogee is nice. I love it!

Kerry said...

Time for a blog post please. :-)