Sunday, April 08, 2007

Tempted again

There's no better term to describe what happened when I was shown this cute little number, I had 'bad eyes' , a literal translation from a Chinese dialect which means I coveted what I saw!
Not for myself, but for YL my college going daughter who is constantly complaining how cold her lecture halls are.
Now, not having any suitable 'youngish' chunky non-wool yarn wasn't enough to deter me, I dug into my stash and (why am I not surprised?) found 3 balls of Lion Wool Ease, a 20% acrylic mix. Just perfect, and I almost got gauge with the recommended 5.5mm.

Promising YL she'll have it ready to wear on Monday morning (started knitting Friday..ambitious ya?) we made a trip to the mall in search of a large colourful button or fancy brooch. We came back empty handed and that aside, there was a gross underestimation of the effort required.

How could such a simple bolero have so much seaming? Okay, so I finally realised there's miles of ribbing to sew onto both fronts and neck in addition to the sides and sleeves.

So Sunday, realising there's not going to be an FO by Monday, I went back to knitting Ogee's sleeve bands and collar. Again, seaming is a chore I have to tackle after work tomorrow since I intend to travel with it this weekend to our XX Carats, school reunion cum combined Birthday bash for us girls of the same graduating year. Please note the committe prefers to use 'carats' , not 'years'. Gosh! how time flies, it doesn't seem so long ago we met for the XX minus 10 yrs bash!!

My flight and hotel room's booked, now there's just those pesky seams....

Hubby and I are right in the middle of season four of 24. The upside is I have an excuse to knit all day but then stitch counts tend to get messed up when Jack Bauer gets involved in some interesting 'Q&A' sessions with captured terrorists !!!. My fellow 24 junkies, you know how often that can be too!

A Blessed Easter to all celebrating Christian friends and a productive week ahead!


R a i n said...


Oh my...that bolero is the PERFECT pattern, I have been searching high and low for and never managed to find! It was my intended solution for cold lecture halls too hehehe...

Hope it turns out super! Can't wait to see.

ruth said...

Have a blessed easter!!

Anonymous said...

Do describe the button or brooch you are searching for. Perhaps I can find a fitting one from this side.

xox YourSecretPal xox