Thursday, May 03, 2007

Red Sahara

Sahara from Stitch Diva, Size: XS
Yarn: 6 x 50 gm x (?) yds, 100% Acrylic by Peony (Japanese)
Needles: 3 mm & 3.5mm
Gauge: 26 sts to 4"
Modifications: Ribbing at base instead of Lace Pattern, Add 1 lace repeat at neckline

Progress report - Forest Path Stole - Tier 1


R a i n said...

Wow! That looks fantastic! Are both the pictures the same Sahara? Somehow looks unblocked in one and blocked in the other...or maybe its just me! LOL but BOTH look gorgeous =D

ruth said...

Ditto Rain's comment - WOW Sahara is gorgeous!!! And I love that shade of red too. Now I'm starting to consider whether I want to make this garment too... very tempting!! =)

Michelle said...

very pretty!!! can i have one too?? hahahahaha ^_^

mona said...

Your daughter looks great in her Sahra. It's tempting me to make one too.

bluey said...

I never think sahara is nice until I saw this. It fits ur daughter nicely. :)