Saturday, May 26, 2007

Slow progress

There's been slow progress on the knitting front since I got back from my trip South. I've been leaving the office later to cope with the new responsibilites which came with my recent move to a divisional position and that means knitting time is greatly reduced and easier projects needed to help me unwind. This Tweed jumper was casted on for 'comfort-knitting' with Rowan DK in burnt orange. It's mine and I'm not following any specific pattern since it's just plain stocking stitch and probably crew neck.

A little FO, hiking socks for son, unblocked. Meant to take pictures of DH modeling it, but the hairy legs got a little camera-shy! This was to be the first of 3, knitted with remanants and stash superwash wool until I realised more than 2 balls of 50g are required. Unless I get really creative with mixing some odd colours together, there's just going to be this pair for now. I may be able to whip up a woollie hat with 3 balls of the same yarn to match the socks though.
The 2nd sleeve of Clan sweater is finally on the way and here it is in a pic with some of my favourite tea pots. By the way, I've joined KnittersTeaSwap3 and am having fun preparing the parcel for my KTS pal Cathy.
My late father, a porcelain goods importer, gave me most of the Chinese pots in my collection and the most treasured is this little old man. They were samples given to foreign importers in the 1970s' and I believe some may not have been put into commerical production.


opportunityknits said...

Hope things will settle down soon for you to resume your usual knitting and those pots are cute!

R a i n said...

Hope things will calm down for you soon.

That little pot is so exquisite!

Michelle said...

i've always wanted to join the knitters tea swap but i missed out on this round, again!!

anyway, so many knitting projects!! :)

that teapot is really nice too ^_^