Sunday, June 10, 2007

FO and the Lady

Four months late but still in time for the Australian Winter - the Whole Clan Sweater from Knit Picks.
Pattern: Knitpicks:One for the whole clan sweater
Yarn: Knitpicks Swish Superwash, Colour: Coast Grey
Amount: 15 x 50 gm x 110 yd
Needles: 4.5 mm

Due to my new job portfolio I'm sitting at 2 different office locations. The air-conditioning in my old room is never above 18% C cos' its a floor below the hospital's operating theatres and yet a cotton shirt and lacey stoles suffice for the day but this other one is much much colder, so bad, I'm holding onto a hot mug all day! What a waste of energy with the central air-conditioning.

Looks like I'm not going to survive very well without taking drastic actions. So, here's Rowan Tapestry growing up very quickly into Lady Eleanor and perhaps some leftover cashmere from Kimono into a pair of lacey fingerless mittens?? When your fingers are too frozen for the keyboard, who cares about a few stares ?

Meet-up ladies, I'm leaving the blogging of the event to Mona since the pictures I took didn't turn out decent enough to do most of you justice! The lighting was all wrong.


nurhanne said...

The Whole Clan looks very handsome and Lady Eleanor sure doesn't look bad either!

opportunityknits said...

The whole Clan is a nice pattern and it sure took a lot of yran :) What a good idea to use tapestry, I'm beginning to think that there are endless possibilities with this yarn.

Lois said...

lucky son to have a mom whom knits. Eleanor is looking good! hows FPS?

Sally said...

FPS is going to be slow, Lois. I'm afraid Lady E willbe finished sooner as I need it like NOW!

Michelle said...

ah...i just finish the fronts and back of leo. need to do the 3 needle bind off for shoulder and off to do the sleeves!! he'll be home in 2 weeks time leh. i hope i can finish it!!

lady E is gorgeous!!

bluey said...

the sweater is nice.

Lady E is great too. Love the colors.