Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hiking FOs and Lady's progress

It's been a most productive morning today. I had promised YL to take her shopping for her Prom dress and not only did we find the dress, we also made it to the post office with 2 parcels.

The one to Cathy, my KTS3, is long long overdue as a result of nothing else but sheer procrastination on my part! The package had been wrapped for days waiting for the one to JS to be ready. Alas, these hiking socks, hat and Aran jumper(previous blog entry) took longer to air dry as it's been raining almost daily recently.

Yarn: Cleckheaton 100% DK wool (superwash)
Socks: 2.5 x 50gm x 104m
Hat: 3.5 x 50gm x 104m, double strand

Now that both packages are on their way, it's full steam ahead with Lady Eleanor. Here it is, 3 balls of Rowan Tapestry knitting. I've enjoyed watching the 'bricks' forming and the constant changing of colours makes it interesting. The shade and intensity of colours in each ball varies immensely but I'm fine with that as it adds to the beauty of the Lady.


Regg said...

Ah!! the LadyE turn up so nice!! love it!

prettyknit said...

the colour of your lady E are really nice.