Sunday, July 22, 2007

Frogs and Wizards

I should have left things well alone, cast on the 2nd sock and be done with the pair. The 'I am not satisfied with everything about it' mood kept bugging and bugging me when I finished the cuff. The twin-ribbing give such a nice relief to the stripes at the cuff and I couldn't banish the thought of 'how nice it would look on the instep....' You can see what I've done and the first sock's drowned in the frog pond.

I've got to make a short trip into Guangzhou, China coming Wednesday and wasn't looking forward to it but then it would be a good time to read my HP7..

I haven't peeped into the last chapter yet, but am not sure how long I can resist the temptation..DH gives me dirty looks if I so much as mutter or give away anything while reading..

To HP fans, happy reading and a productive knitting week ahead to all!


Mirebella said...

I finished reading my HP earlier this morning. Had tears at 1 particular bit ~ but not the ones you might think. Kept my mind bz to say the least.

mona said...

I've read it and my husband is reading it now. I have to bite my tongue too.

R a i n said...

OMG, you have the book! *drool*