Monday, July 09, 2007

It wasn't a holiday..

I stayed up till 2am last night, not able to put Debbie Macomber's 'The shop on Blossom Street' down and gave myself a much deserved 'lie-in' till 10am this morning, and finishing it!

Arrived back from our 3 day IT Mgt Retreat so exhausted I just didn't want to do anything else except continue with the book I thought I would have time to read in the evenings there.
Alas, it was the sort of Retreat where one is expected to socialise (all the time, till late night) with colleagues from the other regions and after being teased incessantly the 2nd day about my 'staying in the room knitting' the first night, I abandoned the idea of having any quiet time.

Definitely will be buying more knitting theme books from now and thanks to my very generous KTS3 pal Cathy who sent it with so much goodies last week.

Thanks for the yarn, teas, note stationery, stitch markers, gauge and laundry bag too! I hope you receive my parcel soon - sent to old address.

The retreat was held at Colmar, a French theme hill resort at Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia. It's definitely cooler than KL where I live, the evenings plesantly cool but not chilly.

Now, wouldn't it be just perfect if I could sit and knit at the cafe near the fountain or by the mini water feature? Instead, it was meetings till late evenings with an indecent amount of food all day! I'm on a strict juice diet today.

I started on my first attempt at Toe-up socks with Regia Cotton but had to abandon it for a while to try finish a scarf by 25th this month.

It's got this very clever stitch pattern which makes the scarf completely reversible. It's officially the free 'Ruggles Original Reversible Scarf' from but I can't seem to find the reference for the pattern anymore. So if anyone is interested do drop me a line.

Wishing you all a productive knitting week ahead....

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