Monday, August 13, 2007

Top down seamless set-in sleeves

I was a little bored with the second sock, so put it aside to continue my never ending pursuit of a perfect, seamless, short sleeves, classic 'office wear' top.

Using Barbara Walker's - Knitting from the Top as a guide I :

  • decided on stockingnette and round neck pattern
  • multipled gauge with 15" back-shoulder width
  • cast on using provisional method and knitted back piece
  • left 1/3 sts on work yarn for neck and worked left, right front
  • shoulders worked with short-rows
  • when front and back equals 1/3 of armhole, turn and pick-up sts for sleeves (see arrows)
  • increase both sides at front then join collar to work in the round down body
All's well and I was happy with the progress, good fit, no shoulder seams, neat short rows and the sleeves looked really good as the increases were made.

But.....there are totally horrible kinks at sleeve pick-up points (arrows on pic) caused by the abrupt turning and I do not think they'd be smoothened out with blocking.

Have decided to frog when I get home tonight, maybe forgo the set-in sleeves but go for the 'body-first' method of knitting straight down first where sleeves are picked up later and working in shortrows from the cap.

More updates on the technique if I don't decide to frog everything and go back to good ole' knitting from the bottom!!!


R a i n said...

Good luck vibes being sent your way!

nurhanne said...

Thanks for posting on this - that book has been on my to-get-list for quite a while.

Regg said...

Frog it?
OMG I am sure u will find a way out..jia yu jia yu!

Anonymous said...

I think you should frog. I made a prototype of the simultaneous set-in sleeve and the kink doesn't go away after blocking. You can check out my latest entry at

Hope this helps. Now I have to try and figure out the math for the set in sleeve, body first method!!!