Monday, October 01, 2007

Works in Progress

I have a grand total of 4, quite a decent and manageable number I guess.

Here's Landscape from Knitpicks, starting off as mine but claimed by DD who didn't like the stripey skein of wool at first.

Polar - a Winter jumper for DD,...just the neck to be cast off, sides seamed and sleeves attached.
Finally on its last leg, 2nd sleeve almost done and I'll have to decide how I want the raglan top to look when the pieces unite.
If a love-hate relationship is possible to have with a WIP, this is it! big time.
I find excuses not to knit it, I won't begin another Stole, I sometimes want to throw it into the frog pond, I take it out-often, then I fall in love with it all over again, I put it back into the basket....and there it sits.....What shall I do???????


Michelle said...

wah liao eh. so fast finish the jumper already??????????????????????

Lois said...

add oil!!!! u can finish everything!

Annie said...

Nice jumpers, hope to see them completed soon! The stole - i can imagine that it's going to be so so so gorgeous on you!

R a i n said...

The stole is looking lovely! Do finish it =D