Sunday, March 09, 2008

Can't put her down

Not having the recommended DK yarn didn't deter me as I found the remnants of a 5 ply Australian wool which could be a good substitute. It was bought as a scrap bag of about 700gms, no labels, no indication of yardage but there's 450 gms left over from another project which is plenty for Agatha, I'm sure. The yarn quality isn't too great and I would have prefered something softer in a different hue. But it'll do for now, I might knit another with some other yarn later.
I love the pattern, it's well written and the instructions, all 9 pages of them, user-friendly and easy to comprehend. Haven't been able to put it down since cast-on, however I think I will reserve it for daylight knitting from now. Black is a killer on the eyes and tires me out quickly
Here it is after 2 repeats....

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Annie said...

It's going to be lovely in black! Cant wait to see it completed.