Sunday, January 04, 2009

Lily and Flu therapy

Lily (Twist Collective Fall 08) is knitted with Jaeger Roma which didn't turn out as expected - amplifying spares around my middle. Luckily, blocking and stretching gave another 4" ease which was exactly what I needed!!!

I arrived back from my trip feeling miserable, aching all over and spent the next 2 days pumped with flu medication. DH said it must be bad when not a stitch is knitted while the entire yarn loot sits in the bedroom untouched!!! Here's what I've been up to all of yesterday for recovery therapy.

Four skeins of Knitpicks Bare sock yarn became these lovely babies waiting to grow up into 4 Beech Wood Cowls for YL and her friends. She wants more handbag friendly Cowls.
My backyard workshop equipped with an old microwave oven dedicated for cooking yarn ;)
Guess who sits patiently in her 1st flr Condo, under the work top, keeping me company? Dottie, our 7 yr old Basset and Golden Retriever mix.
This turned out 'too green' and was later repainted with red tones.

Got this one right first time.

Hanging out to dry...


mona said...

Lovely Colours Sally!! I'm not getting the knitting mojo recently. Just still plugging away on the blanket (one more row). Let's meet up soon.

knitterPat said...

I like the colours. Wish I could dye them myself too!

bluey said...

The colors are beautiful..

Any tips on dyeing the yarns? I haven't dare to take up the challenge to dye yarns yet.