Monday, February 09, 2009

I have been busy

Dottie is 'sleep guarding' the handpainted Beech wood cowls for YL , her friends Sarah and Charlie leaving for Melbourne and a niece in the UK.

Handpainted Knitpicks wool- Bare sock yarn with Wiltons cake dyes

Thank you Mona for this contribution!

Columbia Berets (without Ties) for YL and CChoo. (hats modeled on lampshade if you're wondering if they're looking a wee bit odd !)


Regg said...

U r super fast!
Nice dyed lot and nice projects!

R a i n said...

Nice cowls.

Annie said...

Hi Sally, Now I understand why you were so busy - with work, travelling and these little beautiful gifts!!

btw, You have been nominated for a Kreative Blogger Award.. see my blog for details! :)

Petrina said...

Very nice and very pretty colours! :D