Saturday, April 01, 2006

KAL meet-up and my lonely cast-on

My first meet-up with knitters from the forum and it was fun! Pattern books came out of bulging bags packed with yarn, WIPs, and Trinity yarn for our KAL . I'm not sure what the cafe management thought of us, we occupied 3 tables and sat from 12.30 to 4 pm, oblivious to everything else except our knitting chat.

Here's the bunch of us, Lyn took the group photo so here she is wearing one of her colourful creations.

It didn't matter that most were not KALing, we all brought something to knit and Doreen wore her Trinity Flamenco corset. Mona and Lyn casted on officially but I had to postpone. What a disappointment, but I did do something with the yarn! I helped frog Mona's lilac piece (on the coffee table) while she casted-on. The general opinion is that Cozy would be too lightweight if knitted with Trinity and after Jackie showed her cotton DK Cozy, I decided to look for another pattern.

So here it is, my pattern and WIP. I'm not sure if there's enough yarn for the long sleeves, anyway, will worry about that later.

Sierra :
Knit 'n Style
Issue 139
Oct 2005

My version of the Sierra (without the Diamonds) is adapted for working in the round and I'm happy with how the double moss stitch band turned out.


Ruth said...

looks like you ladies had alot of fun!! =) =)

erin said...

Looks like a fun meet. Glad you settled on a pattern. Trinity has great yardage. I have the Trinity pattern book and a slightly longer long sleeved tunic uses up about 7 balls for 32" size up to 9 balls for a 42" size. Hope that helps you to estimate your yarn needs.

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