Sunday, May 14, 2006

Stash busting

It was somewhere along the 2nd row of Smarties' neckline when that sinking feeling crept in...horror of horrors! I thought I noticed something. Uh way, no way, and it was total denial the next 20 mins or so. It can't be, and I continued knitting but couldn't resist taking a few peeks now and again.
Sigh.., there they were, without a doubt, 3 'fatter' cables, not even loosely twisted as I had hoped, so obvious, right side of the V-neck. How can that be??! I had been so careful, checking after every repeat making sure the cables were alright!
In between the collar separation, armhole decreases and knitting both sides at the same time, I had twisted for the left and forgotten the right till 2 rows later.

The inevitable question, "can I live with it?". By then I had lost interest in the neckline anyway, so into the frog pond it went and wasn't out till 3 evenings later. Here it is blocking to a smaller size as it's now mine and not JS' since we all agree it looks better on mum.

yarn: Sirdar Donegal Tweed DK
colour : mink
Finished size: 36"

45% wool 25% acrylic 30% polyester
5.5 balls x 50 gms x 132 yds
Needles : 3.25 mm & 4.0 mm

Pattern : Veste Everest by Veronik Avery- IK Fall 2005

The 2 packs (20 balls) of Cleckheaton from Melbourne's Spotlight, almost a year ago, have been calling out to be destashed and if I hurry, just might manage to knit this jumper up by 3rd week of June.

So I'm going to put off casting on my blue cotton top until I get a little bored with the jumper, then a quick switch over before coming back to the sleeves and yoke.

Adult Pattern : Drops Design 70-21


Mimi said...

I am not as careful as you are with the knitting and often neglet my mistakes. So there is a lot frogging done on my corner. :D

knitties said...

My knits are normally full of mistakes... I just hide them well :)

erin said...

I have been frogging my little sleeve, kept forgetting some centre decrease every 5 rows, especially when I'm enjoying some conversation with my hubby :)
Your vest looks very fluffy in this Sirdar yarn, nice colour, really like those flecks. That Drops design is such a classic, got to go take a closer look at it.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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