Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Back to normal

Our modem and PC got fried during last week's thunderstorm which wrecked havoc across KL and other parts of the country.
The PC motherboard is covered by our 3 yrs parts and labour warranty with Dell while the small monetary lost to replace a splitter and modem is nothing compared to some families who lost their loved ones in the fires. There was no surfing, online chatting and blogging for several days which gave the household a quiet peace while I knitted blissfully in front of the idiot box.

My latest WIP, a cable vest, saw much progress over the May Day long weekend.

Veste Everest by Veronik Avery- IK Fall 2005, is knitted with Sirdar Donegal Tweed in Mink.

It's a size 41.5" with 22 cable columns in the round and a 14-row repeat. An additional 2 repeats are added since it's for JS, my son.

The tweedy specks remind me of a handful of chocolate sweeties, hence the Smarties vest. Actually, the photo below doesn't do justice to the spectrum of vibrant colours interweaved into the yarn, I shall try again in daylight later.

The latest survey of my stash revealed 5 lots of yarn in the same colour range, baby blue, lilac, deep purple and a darker french blue. So, it's bye bye browns...


emy said...

Smarties?! I would love to see the yarn close up! :)

Ruth said...

looks good so far!! =)

Dipsy said...

Hi from Austria! I'm so sorry to hear about the thunderstorm that caused so much damage!
Your vest is getting along mighty fine, the yarn you're using looks so cozy and soft, and the color is great - looking forward to seeing more of that vest!

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