Sunday, May 21, 2006

Weekend Shrug

Not very imaginative I know, but it started off as my 'Drops Design cream jumper' and I can't think of a catchy project name just yet.
The Cleckheaton Natural wool has loosely weaved black inclusions that drop off so easily as I knit and I'm certain there won't be any left on the jumper after a few washes. Pointless really, but for now it's got this interesting earthy rustic look.
I'm rather pleased with how the jumper is turning out and the garter rows give an interesting touch to the ribbing and subsequent stockinette section. I've started on another ribbing section just before attaching sleeves that I shall start on soon...barring any distraction to another project!.

The black inclusions look so much like Dottie's (our 4 yr old Basset Golden Retriever mix) hair on the floor that you can't tell the difference! She gets to come into the sitting room especially at weekends and loves to sit by my easy chair while I knit.

She's one of 10 puppies and mum's the Basset whom she takes after with her long sausage like body, short legs and soulful eyes. The smaller ears, playfulness and boundless energy from dad with none of the Basset clumsiness.

Plymouth Fantasy Naturale arrived on Friday and my daughter couldn't wait for her shrug to be started. So a slight detour and here's Weekend Shrug waiting to be cast-off and the underarms sewn up. The pattern is adapted from Shimmer. Knitting it is easy and the raglan decreasings progressed very fast. I like the colourway and worsted silky cotton texture so much, I've put in an order for some plain Aqua shade for myself.


erin said...

The shimmer shrug looks cute. and you're so fast with the cleckheaton one.

Mimi said...

That's a nice colourway. The simple raglan design is a good choice for this yarn.

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! »