Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fruits of the drink

The reading homework had been done ages ago and I reckon I can't go wrong with Knitty. Still it took so long to get started. Perhaps it was the fear of messing things up and not getting the colour schemes I wanted that had me procrastinating. There really isn't an artistic bone in me I'm afraid. The Kool-aid, I've had for a while but Wiltons icing dyes, paint brushes and ketchup bottles took weeks to put together although they were easily available at the local Mall.

Anyway, been there, done it and I'm more confident now so can't wait to start on the 4 skeins of sock yarn from Knitpicks I've ordered for hand painting.

The tools

Yarn : 200 gms, 7 ply, 100% wool, natural colour


1. Kool aid- lemon lime and cherry (10 m)

2. Kool aid cherry, tropical punch, lemon lime and Wiltons sky blue (100 m)

3. Wiltons brown, Kool aid lemonade and leftovers (92 m)

It's good to know that they're non-toxic food dyes. The yarn is cooked in the microwave oven while leftover mixes are kept in the fridge and can be reused.

A word of warning though, to those who're thinking of venturing along this path. It is addictive and I'm totally hooked. If you're a soft drinks junkie, this hobby could be the 'cure', as the sweet smell can be off putting after several hours of painting!

It's time for another pair of socks! Socks -2 with Knitpicks - Dancing yarn on 2mm circulars. Pattern is from Cat Bordhi's book.


Allena said...

love your sock yarn! it's beautiful i love love love love dying yarn with koolaid! i really like that it's non toxic so i can feel comfortable using it around my kids and so easily available. your colors are great. i've never tired wilton's dyes but i'm anxious to!

Lois said...

u are workin on 2 circs? have fun. i prefer circs to dpns. :p

Mimi said...

wow! your new yarn is beautiful! I can imagine that this dyeing hobby is very addictive. ;)

opportunityknits said...

You sound like you had fun.

R a i n said...

Wow, these colorways are really gorgeous. Nice job dyeing.
I may sound a little off, but is KoolAid available in Malaysia?