Saturday, August 05, 2006

Withdrawal symptoms

I chicken out of my self-imposed 'no new projects until all WIPs completed' diet. The withdrawal symptoms appeared this week, plans for new projects were swimming in my head all the time and I was stealing longing glances into my knitting basket where yarn for new projects had been prepared in ziplocks with patterns.

I missed working on a mindless stockinette jumper project where I can knit endlessly in the round with a good movie or the quick gratification of sock knitting. I missed swatching and discovering how a new yarn feels and the excitement of starting a new project. It was frustrating when I settle down in the evenings to the same two projects.

Well, now I know, I'm a knitting junkie and loving it! So here's Cozy in Bendigo 4 ply cotton.

Remember this ? I've decided to recycle and spent the best of today unravelling months of knitting.


DH knows this strange behaviour all too well, but daughter YL can't believe I could bear to take everything apart. Maybe it's not such a good idea doing this in the presence of people we are encouraging to take up knitting? It'd scare them off for good!

Surprisingly there's very little wastage and I should be able to knit another jumper with the yarn.


opportunityknits said...

Sometimes the project startitis bug hits real bad, doesn't it? But I think that's better than the I don't feel like knitting bug!
The blue grey yarn is worth saving, it's a lovely shade. Good speed on Cozy.

R a i n said...

siiigh...the feeling of starting a new's like falling in love anew... =)