Sunday, August 20, 2006

An old, old friend

We finally met over the weekend, this 27 year old FO and I. It was mentioned a few posts ago here. It has kept well except that the white acrylic has turned a uniform creamy colour over the years. Strange, I can't remember much about it except that the pattern is definitely very familiar. Other than that, no flashes of the past, not where I knitted it mostly or how long it took.

Kenny's baby wrap (1979)
Yarn : acrylic
Size : 55" x 36"

Not bad, not bad at all, if I may say so. The body was knitted quite nicely but the border, rather disappointing. One of the longer sides looked as if I had ran out of yarn or I was too impatient to knit a few more repeats. It's probably the latter! Of course I would never let that happen now!

Fushia Gable saw a lot of progress this week and should be done in a few days. The collar does look like it needs a row of crochet or garter stitch to take out the slight curl though.

Cozy is about 25" in length now but my Feather and Fan stole has been neglected for a while. I'm contemplating making it into a scarf, the alpaca is so soft, I think it'd look good tucked inside a jacket and jumper.


opportunityknits said...

It's so pretty! That reminds me of the time my mum and I visited my cousin whose wife had just delivered their first baby. My cousin whipped out a baby blanket that my mum knitted for him when he was born. Amazing that the thing survived so many years. Like you, my mum had no recollection about ever knitting it!

Mimi said...

It must be a joy to see your blanket again! I have one baby blanket that I knitted 15 years ago for my baby and that I keep at my sis's home (i don't have enough storage in my house) but then I forgot to take a picture.