Sunday, November 05, 2006


Was I even thinking, 3 rectangular stole WIPs at a time ?
First, I wanted Cozy in 4 ply cotton to lug around the office. You know, something not too fragile and fancy. Then the Knitpicks Alpaca arrived and I couldn't resist trying out some lace. That was Sivia Harding's Hanging Garden. Then another spree brought Knitpicks Twist for daughter YL's Clap.

It was overwhelming, it was crazy and I will never ever have more than one stole/shawl project in progress ever again! Some of you are probably having an 'ah ha' smile and thinking 'we'll see how long that will last.... '. But I didn't start anything like I had promised myself a few blog entries ago, really!

By the way, I've got enough yarn, just arrived, for 4 lace projects just calling out to be started.....and I'm looking for a wool - silk mix in graduated colours for another Clapotis :)

Just off the needles and unblocked.

Pattern: Clapotis

Size: 22" x 63"

Yarn: Knit Picks Twist, Broadway Lights, DK

( 30% cotton 30% visose 20% acrylic 20% nylon )

Amount: 8 x 50 gm x 99 yds (plus some yards from the 9th ball)

Needles: 4mm

Yes!, I will knit this again and I plan to do so soon - mine! It's such an amazing design and I love the way it drapes over the front. Surprisingly it's not bulky over the shoulders, probably due to the trapezoidal shaping.

However, Twist with ribbon yarn entwined is wrong for this pattern as I forsee the yarn fraying easily at the drop stitch bars. Also, I think it's best in a lighter yarn, the cotton mix is a little heavy and the FO is about 400 gms.


yuvee said...

It loooks gorgeous! I love the yarn's effects.

R a i n said...

It looks great, I still like the yarn no matter what you say =P

ruth said...

it really does look SO good!

Lois said...

clap clap clap~~!!!~~

opportunityknits said...

The yarn sounds interesting in composition and it has these pretty flecks - suits Clapotis very well.

Mimi said...

Wow, it's so great two have two pretty FOs! I specially like your lace stole, so feminine. I have yet to knit a stole for myself. So many projects in mind, I wish that I could have extra pairs of hands! :D

Laura.Y said...

Nice clapotis! 3 stoles at a go! Wow! hehehe They are all lovely designs! :)

Laura.Y said...

Nice clapotis! 3 stoles at a go! Wow! hehehe They are all lovely designs! :)

prettyknit said...

I think the yarn look very nice for clapotis, is gorgoeus!!

Anonymous said...

It looks amazing!!!

Michelle said...

i have always wanted to knit the clapotis but havent found the right yarn to use it yet. just wondering, how do you manage to get knitpicks yarns in kl when they dont even ship overseas?