Monday, July 30, 2007

Toe-up socks FO

My first pair of toe-up socks, finally! For a while, I thought I might abandon them altogether after; changing pattern on second sock and frogging 2 completed short-row heels and then settling for one with a gusset I learnt from Wendy Knits.
Strange how having knitted 4 pairs of top-down I got into so much trouble this time, but the lessons learnt are definitely useful for future sock knitting adventures!

I'm not accepting I can't knit a 'perfect' short-row heel, so I shall continue trying.....thing is when completed, they looked resonably decent and passable, no holes, yet.....well, I prefer the gusset for now. Sour grapes or just being practical???

Pattern: Twin Rib (row 1: K3 P3, row 2: K1 P1)
Heel from Wendy Knits
Size: 6" circumference (fit my 8" foot)
Yarn: 80% 1 ball Regia Cotton
Gauge: 10 sts = 1" , Needles: 2 mm
Knitted on: 60 sts to cuff changing to K1P1 Ribbing
Cast on: 14 sts with Magic cast-on from

Have used both Magic and Turkish cast-on and find both quite easy (with some practice) but will stick with Magic cast-on for now. Quite amazed at how seamless it can look!

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opportunityknits said...

Sally, that's one of the best-looking short row heels I've seen! I really got to try this toe-up pattern one day! The colours on the socks are real pretty, I might have mentioned before, but no harm repeating :)