Saturday, January 12, 2008

First of the year

This is my first cast-on and only WIP (so far..) for the year and I'm enjoying this soooo soft alpaca yarn I haven't thought of moving on to the usual distraction I need when knitting a huge stockingnette jumper, I cannot bear to.
The stitches just fly off the needles so fast and ooh! the can see it can't you?

It's a plain jumper for JS and the alpaca yarn from Bendigo, possibly one of the cheapest alpaca for a 200gm ball of 400 yds. I haven't knitted with other alpacas so am not able to compare qualities but this is good enough for now.

Those of you who couldn't help smiling at the 'only WIP' boast I made above may want to know what happened to Forest Path huh? Well, I am officially announcing its 'demise' and will not talk about it henceforth! I've snipped off the yarn, packed it and hid it somewhere so I won't see it accidently unless I mount a search in future. OK, so I'm a coward, I can't bear to execute the first frogging tug, maybe I will bring it to the next meet-up and let someone have the pleasure of seeing me cringe....until then it will stay out of sight and hopefully forgotten....

Now, back to knitting my first WIP.... :)


Annie said...

Good start for year 2008! Can feel it's vy soft. The colour is nice too! oh no...Pls dont frog the FPS!

Annie said...
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