Sunday, January 20, 2008

No more space

There really is no more space in the Stash cupboard, does it mean I can't buy yarn and for how long??? Would I be resolute enough not to?? Not visit my favourite online stores??? How does one handle the withdrawal symtoms???
Look what's cheered me up today, a knitting tote from this little shop I chanced upon this moning. The owner has a friend who makes curtains and cushions for some well known brands and makes bags out of the remnants.

..................... ....

Here's hoping I don't ever have to carry knitting into a hotel lobby with matching Lounge set covers as the bag!


celia said...

Lovely bag. I had to laugh at your comment about the matching lounge set [lol]. You may forget to pick up your bag when leaving because it blends right into the chair!!

Laura.Y said...

That's a very sweet bag, perfect size for all things knitterly.

mona said...

Oooh bag !! I wants one!!!