Sunday, January 27, 2008

Grey Alpaca Jumper

I'm tired out with baking for the coming Chinese New Year or Spring Festival in 2 weeks. There's an additional 4 loaves this year and that makes 20! I could and should have started preparing weeks ago and not have to bake and then soak the next lot of dried fruit ingredients in brandy/rum for another batch every evening. Oh well, procrastination always win and its become a mad annual rush, I might as well make it a personal tradition!

On the knitting front...the grey alpaca jumper for JS is completed and there's a black Aran wool vest on the needles which I may be able to post as an FO next week.

Pattern: Book of sweater patterns ( Ann Budd)
Yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills - 100% Alpaca , 8 ply , Grey
Amount: 2.6 x 200g x 400 yds
Size: chest 42" ( finished )
Needles: 3.25 mm & 4 mm

It was a very hot afternoon but JS was persuaded to put it on for a snapshot. He had actually said there's no need for more woollies this year but then DH had mentioned several times my handknits for JS were heavy-like an armour!!!. And so to prove hand knits are as good as store bought sweaters, I decided on the alpaca and this is a lofty 550 gms compared to his other 900 gms Cleckheaton DK jumpers! Except he has to remember no machine washing is allowed.

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