Saturday, March 18, 2006

Out of the frog pond...

It's out of the frog pond! I'm so proud, my first 'no pattern' short sleeves top is ready and here it is.

EPS works and the basic principles a good guide but I'm knitting to fit me - so I decided to rip, recalculate and knitted broader sleeves. The earlier ones were a tad tight although my percentages were correct. Perhaps my arms are not 'normal' size and anyway I do like more ease and added 16 sts (almost 3" all round) which I decreased gradually towards the raglan shoulders. I kept the recomended 16 sts for the underarm seam although many similar patterns recommend less (about 2").

I kinda like it that way though and shall continue to do the same for other projects.
Hubby is curious why I needed a calculator and had to work percentages when it's just knitting and what if I can't do math?

I'm planning to knit up a collection of these tops in various colours and variations, perhaps add some lace to make them more interesting. I'll stick to wool blends since they keep shape better and the office is a freezer anyway!

I've been testing out the 'multiplier factor' formula recommended by a posting in this forum live journal It helps convert patterns using recommended yarn gauge to another of your choice.
for example:

the stitch multiplier

4 ply - 26 sts to 10 cm
DK - 22 sts to 10 cm

multiplier = 22/26 or 26/22 depending on whether it's 4 ply to DK or vice versa.
The row multiplier is calculated in a similar way.
The multiplier is applied to recalculate number of stitches and rows required for the alternative yarn. I shall have to use it if I am unable to find a DK pattern that I would like to knit for the Jaeger Trinity KAL organised by Mona and discussed here

The KAL starts April 1st and I shall go back to my WIPs before we commence!


celia said...

hi sally!
you didn't leave me a way to contact you :) there is an email link on the top navigation bar of my blog


Ruth said...

hi sally! yea, i'm excited about the church ministries i'm involved in - the newest one being the knitting/crocheting group i started! it's a group meant for the women's ministry at our church - using knitting/crocheting as a means to build deeper relationships among the women, as well as outreach to the community (there are lots of younger and older women who want to learn, improve their skills, or get connected to others through this craft!) so far we've only met twice (the 3rd meeting is this weekend), and the ladies are so excited about it, and the group is growing so big already! so of course, that makes me excited about it too =)

Mimi said...

Hi Sally, found you through the Asia Knits list. Welcome and have lots fun blogging!