Saturday, March 04, 2006

Still learning

I guess I'm no different from knitters who can't wait to start off a new project so last weekend, the baby blanket and jumper bacame WIP-in-waiting since I must have a new black top for my office wardrobe.

A batch of 5 ply black crepe wool was just waiting in the stash bag and I had wanted to try out the EPS (Elizabeth Percentage System) going without a pattern. Knitted up a swatch, got 6 sts to 1" and took measurements from a 'seen better days' favourite top that it is replacing.

I should have 66sts (33% of total body sts) for my 11" sleeve all round, but after leaving 17 sts (25% of sleeve sts) on the thread for the underarm seam, it does look like it'll be tight all the way up the shoulder. Maybe I need 66 + 17 to keep the overall width?

The body fits well, if there's any frogging it'll be just the top part and sleeves! The small stitches and colour black is rather stressful for the eyes so picking up is not going to be fun.

My plastic dpns are definitely not as good as the (Aero) old faithfuls. I can't seem to get them into stitches as fast as the metal ones. They feel sort of fiddlely somehow. Oh dear, and I've just bought 4 sets of various sizes. I've got visions of socks popping up for some time....


erin said...

Black is so versatile for the office, hope the sleeve works out.

jae said...

wow formulating your own fit, great job! Im sure it will turn out.

Anonymous said...

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