Saturday, March 25, 2006


It's a week to the Jaeger Trinity KAL flag-off and I'm still in two minds. I love the Hibiscus silky cotton mix yarn and colour but cannot decide on what I want to do with it. The girls over at the forum knitted beautiful corsets and lace tops earlier and I'm so tempted to try but I really don't think they'd look good on my figure though.

My stockinette swatch is not encouraging, a loose top might drape too much after washing. I've been advised against cables with Trinity so perhaps I might go for this shrug or a lace shawl.

Australian Women's Weekly
Sept 2005

The 2 WIPs I'm working furiously to finish are not getting anywhere.

Ed's scarf is not progressing because I just can't knit more than 10 mins without feeling stabbed by the 10mm Denise needles. My left index is raw after every attempt and no amount of hand cream helps. I've found an old pair of Phildar straights of the same size so will change over this evening. It's going to be a lot more cumbersome working with such long needles but less painful.

The body of JS' jumper was a breeze but the sleeves are going to be another challenge. I discovered that increasing in between a 1knit 3knit/purl broken garter rib is not as easy as stated in the pattern - "work inc in pattern", that's it! I've ripped the sleeve back down to the cuff 4 times and am still trying to find a way to line up my knit rows perfectly. Well, I've given myself a deadline, I'm going to give it a final try this evening and if still not satisfied, will start again in the flat. I suspect the untidy increases between the knit bars will still be visible but hopefully may look better knitted in the flat and less obvious after seaming.

It takes just as much energy to solve knitting or IT project problems......

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Ruth said...

sorry to hear about your left index finger! mine gets like that too, if my needles get too sharp. are there finger protectors for that type of thing? i thought i saw some at an LYS - resembles a thimble, made in rubber (maybe Clover?).

i love the lace shawl and shrug option. i'm personally biased towards lace (i love lace!!) but i'm sure whatever you choose will be lovely for the jaeger trinity. =)